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Thread: Madden 2005 Sountrack Song

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    Anyone have the song by Slim Thug "Get It Started" off of the Madden 2005 Soutrack i looked every where for this song. Anyone know where i can get this song from?
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    If you have the game Madden 05 just play it for about 2 hours and youíll be sick of every song on there. I got so tired of the same songs over and over again I turned off the EA tracks music. Iíve been playing NCAA 06 since it came out and Iím sick of those songs to. I went in and changed it from EA tracks to play the bands like it did in 05.

    It wouldnít be so bad if they had more than a handful of songs that get repeated over and over again.

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    i did that one time i was doin somethin and i just left it on there for like 3 hours and i still like the song

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    same, in 2004 i got so bored i changed the folder to play custom songs

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    I deleted all the rap shit songs lol


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