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Thread: Atrocious Song Lyrics!

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    brotherdoobie's Avatar Long live Hissyfit BT Rep: +1
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    Jan 2003
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    My daughter was listening to one of those NOW 666 compilations.
    and John Mayers "Your Body Is A Wonderland" came on.

    *excuse me...brb

    I'm sorry about that I just vomited violently. I think I'm allergic to
    Johnnie boy.

    * back on topic

    I think he is one of the worst lyric writers of all time, but at least he
    inspired a thread topic.

    Sample lyrics: "One mile to every inch of
    Your skin like porcelain
    One pair of candy lips and
    Your bubblegum tongue"


    What are some lyrics you find particularly atrocious?

    Peace bd

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    McrslV's Avatar Hammer Smashed Face
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    who me?
    The part of motley crues song "glitter" where he makes mention of "lets make a baby inside of you". It gets more pathetic when you hear the unplugged version of that song.
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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Mar 2003
    "I'm as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer"

    Snap "Rhythm is a dancer"/

    Upset a few ppl when it came out I seem to remember!


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