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Thread: Is there a way to Distinguish Graphics Cards

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    suprafreak6's Avatar Suprafreak6 is Back!
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    Apr 2005
    What are the difference between all Graphics cards? How do you compare them?
    What companies are better than other? anyone know?

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    ApacNTS's Avatar Helljumper
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    Aug 2003
    well memory is a huge diffrence, as well as core clock speeds, pipelines, and radmac speeds. brands also affect performance, sometimes by just being adverse to the chipset on your motherboard. i use for comparisons, usually i'll google a game like half life 2 or battlefield 2 if you want high end results and see how cards stack up.

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    There is a graphics card guide in the guide section for a reason. Have a read and then choose a budget no point us telling you about some 300 cards when your budget is 25.


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