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Thread: The Equation Behind Piracy

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    Some people really and truly have too much time on their hands....

    Pcopy X = β Pm + [(β Pr)/x] + T( Wα ) + N

    Pm = price of blank media
    Pr = price of recording devices
    N = the nouveau factor (a constant used to explain residual value of an authentic copy)
    W = wages per unit time (opportunity costs)
    T = time it takes to make a copy including search costs
    β = a time weighting factor indicating a decrease as a function of time
    α = a time weighting factor indicating an increase as a function of time
    X = the number of copies made on the same device (depreciating the initial cost of purchasing the recording device over the total number of copies made)

    Edit: Ignore the spaces in the second set of parenthesis, as the board makes a smilie when they are absent.
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    errm, so did you figure that out yourself?
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    Here is my equation:-

    Pd = Fd + Mmb

    Pd = Paying For DVD
    Fd = Free Pirated DVD
    Mmb = More Money To Buy Beer

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    Booz X fst - Bznz / = 50% good time
    Bznz / + fst = 0% good time
    boz X fst + reply = 99% good time


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