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Thread: converting microsoft recorded tv file

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    i have the media version of xp and recorded some tv but how can i convert the files? i wanted to cut the files down a little so i got hold of a file splitter but the file isn't supported.i thought they would have been avi's . please help....

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    please help ?

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    still no one please!!!!!! dont make me beg

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    If the files are'nt avi's then what were they?I'm not an expert but maybe knowing what the file types were would help

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    dont know in the properties box it just says microsoft recorded tv file.i tried puttin it through nero to make a dvd and it works but need to cut it a little,i recorded a film called black night and the file is 1hour and 35 mins bit rate 160443 kbps size 3.3gig

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    i found the file but still need some thing to cut and edit them please

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    Try this link:

    They have a lot of utilities for media center, so there are some files to edit and convert dvr-ms files
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    thanx for link but when i click to download something it takes me to a site with loads of jap writing on it

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    Hmm, must be something wrong with their links, sorry bout that...

    Give this one a shot (it's a 30 day trial, but you should be able to find a patch)

    That said, you may want to check back on the green button (the first site) if that doesn't work...they're one of the better known mediacenter sites, so I'm assuming they'll fix it soon
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