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Thread: Tracker : Speed relativity.

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    My download speed can be up to 60kbps
    under the right circumstances.

    Ok, in the time I have using Bittorrent (Azureus),
    I've noticed that many of the times, when the tracker goes offline (as they usually do),
    many peers actully stay connected and I keep getting data, and at even greater speed, like if the thing where out of control.
    Well, Im now downloading this torrent,
    it has 400+ seeds but still, the top speed I get is 35kbps,
    so I want to get rid of the trackers,
    my question is, if I do so, can I put it back together later?

    what do you think?
    or am I just going madd?

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    Feb 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by worldpease
    my question is, if I do so, can I put it back together later?


    do you have a router?

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    Same happened to me, it can be due to the tracker, or too many people leeching.


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