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Thread: how would i make a moving gif

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    Jul 2003
    when i take pic with image capturer an try to crop them the edges always looked messed up and change between slides so how would i even them out.

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    Agrajag's Avatar Just Lame
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    Do you wish to resize the images, if so "Easy Thumbnails" is an excellent piece of software. It is also free.

    You can tell it what dimensions you want, then do bulk resizing, so all the images are exactly the same size.

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    Nov 2005
    This gif is moving.....

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    Ulead GIF Animator 5
    I used an older version a LONG time ago, back when this was still the K-lite forum, to make these:

    The cool thing about Ulead is that you can import video files, and crop out sections to make gifs with, and it will automatically chop it up into individual images for you. However cropping out the background is something you have to do manually in photoshop, unless you just want to leave it on like I did with the Butthead picture above.

    Little tip for you: Become GREAT friends with the magic wand tool in Photoshop, will make life soooo much easier for you.
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