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Thread: Its The End Of Life As We Know It.

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    You see them on the streets...

    In the suburbs...

    On religeous T. V. and Radio.

    They are everywhere.

    Who are they?

    They are the men in sackcloth.

    Metephorically speaking of course.

    They tell you 'The End is Near'.

    What they don't tell you, is that it was always true, from before the dawn of mans awakening.

    Its true. The end IS near. Not in a million years. Not in a thousand years. Not in five hundred years.

    Its gonna happen in less than a hundred years.

    YOU are going to die.

    But thats not important.

    What IS important is this:

    What are you going to do with your LIFE?

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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Mar 2003
    I'm scared

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    WeeMouse's Avatar Small and Squeaky
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    Mar 2003
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I'm gonna eat a lot of cheez, play football, teach my nephews cool things and enjoy the sun!

    Mice do not worry about such trivial things like the end of the world!

    As the song goes..."it's the end of the world as we know it - and I feel fine"!

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    At least I know my children are safe (10,000+ of em that is)...

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    Originally posted by KingYoshi@19 April 2003 - 12:39
    At least I know my children are safe (10,000+ of em that is)...
    Perchance do you leave a green spectral trail and crave sugar water?

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    well all of you guys spend lots of your time at this forum.



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