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Thread: New Laptop! comments and help is welcome

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    hello im thinking about getting a laptop for christmas my budget revolves around 2K and suggestions are welcome. Im planning on playing games too so please take that into consideration.

    Note i dont care about brand as long as it!!
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    Processor Turion™64 MT-40 2.2 GHz processors
    Chipset ATI® RX 480M + ATI® SB 400 Chipset
    Graphics & Video Module PCI-express!
    ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X700 graphics processing unit (GPU) with 128MB dedicated VRAM
    Main Memory 1 GB OCZ High Performance CAS 2.5 DDR400 (on 1 chip)
    Two SO-DIMM Sockets are available for MAX: 2GB
    Display 15.4" WIDESCREEN Anti-Glare (Brite View/Glossy)
    WXGA LCD (1280 x 800)
    Screen is incredibly bright and glossy. Very nice.
    PC Cards Slot PCMCIA 2.1 Compliant, Type II x 1
    Card Reader MMC/SD/MS 3-in-1 Card Reader
    Hard Disk Drive 80 GB 7,200 rpm Hitachi Travelstar
    100 GB 5.400 rpm Seagate Momentus available no extra charge upon request.
    Optical Drive 8x Dual-Layer DVD Burner
    Reads and burns BOTH CD's and DVD's and Movies
    LAN/Modem Built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN and Modem Module
    Wireless LAN Newest Gigabyte Mini-PCI card
    802.11 G+ 108 Mbps
    Built in wireless with RANGEMAX EXTENDER!
    I/O Ports
    • VGA Port x 1 (D-Sub, 15-pin mini D-Sub)
    • TV-out (S-Video) Port x 1
    • USB2.0 Port x 4
    • IEEE1394 Port x 1
    • Mic-in Port x 1
    • Headphone Out x 1
    • Modem Port x 1
    • LAN Port x 1
    Audio AC'97 2.2, SoundBlaster™ Compatible
    Hot Keys 5 instant launch keys for e-mail, internet, wireless, bluetooth and one user's define key
    Battery Pack & Life Li-ion 8 cells battery (4400mHh)
    AC Adapter 19V DC, 75W/Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
    Dimension 13.98" (L) x 10.04" (D) x 1.18" (H)
    Weight 6.39 Lbs

    Will it be good to play games like fear and quake 4 and half life 2 and the sort. Note its very light and its decent size. How long do you think it will last.
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    Btw how much do you think its worth in us dollars.

    sorry for tri postin

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    that looks pretty nice

    always put batt life into consideration

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    About €1400 ($1660) in Germany for the MT34 version. Since the MT40 processor is only about $300 outright that should easily fit your budget. Now all you've got to do is find the MT40 version in the US.

    I've seen a similar specification to the one you listed (don't know about the graphics card though) for about £800 including our high sales taxes, so even with better graphics I wouldn't pay more than £900 ($1600)
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    I was thinking should i go with a intel laptop or an amd laptop because i can get a nice 2.13ghz with a 256mb graphics card with a better resolution and more ram for about the same price. Though i want to take into consideration about upgrading to vista(64bit). Or do you think ill need a new computer for vista anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by despikable
    hello im thinking about getting a laptop for christmas my budget revolves around 2K and suggestions are welcome. Im planning on playing games too so please take that into consideration.

    Note i dont care about brand as long as it!!
    why not buy a PC?

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    well im waiting till vista and so on comes out so then i can buy a pc well accomadated to that. The reason why im asking all this is because my mom recently wants a laptop for work purposes (powerpoint, medical videos) and every day use. So she said that she wants a new Laptop and she said for me to pick one out for her. SO i want her to get a good laptop so my gaming needs will be satisfied until i get my new desktop which will prolly get in a year or so a couple months after vista come out.

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    Putting your gaming wants on top of your moms work needs. That will add at least $500 if not $1000 to the price of the laptop. And if you're going to play online games with the laptop that will be a security risk to her work medical data.

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    well she said i could use it too. Besides i just want her to buy a laptop that will last a while and besides im not going over the top with it.

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