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Thread: World of Warcraft

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    Feb 2006
    Anyone playing it? Ur responses about this game..?

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    MagicNakor's Avatar On the Peripheral
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    Nov 2002
    I'm playing it for now....thinking of quitting though.

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    so, he does
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    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    Seedler's Avatar T__________________T
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    Oct 2005
    I got a 10-day free pass from a friend, played for like 3 days and quit.

    The game's too cartoon like, fantasy MMORPGs me doesnt like.

    Plus there's the monthly fee, which is just pure gayness.
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    corpsontherun's Avatar Corpsontherun
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    Feb 2006
    the game is very stylised in its graphic, but i have been playing for 1 1/2 years now and i think that it rules.

    nowhere near as addictive as EQ2

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    ApacNTS's Avatar Helljumper
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    Aug 2003
    im gonna give this game a try when i get my pc up and running. it looks like alot of fun. read the reviews. watched movies. saw clips of it on tv. although it looks like rogues have all the fun

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    i think i might try it but thats it. Im in no way paying money for a game to play online

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    yea imma try it but its just stupid to pay everymonth.


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