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Thread: Interested In Javascript Movies And Their Code?

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    Click here for examples of Javascript movies and the code that makes them work.

    Remember to turn on Javascript.

    There is also a script to walk you through a GENTOO Linux Installation.

    Even if you do not use the scripts the information on this page will make the installation much easier.

    Also has a section on how to REMIX YOUR 14 Debian CDs as 2 DVDs.

    And a page on how to write to Windows 2000/XP from SuSE Linux, using the program Captive.

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    Anyone find this stuff of interest?

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    Anyone used this code?

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    The site has a page on installing Windows on a spare partition of your harddrive.

    The site also has instructions on HOWTO access and write to Windows XP/2000 (formatted with the NTFS) from Linux.

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    cheers mate i find this stuff pretty interesting.


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