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Thread: Kazaa klite 2.5 problem

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    I ask it to sort my search results according to file size and recently (it used to work) it started doing this


    You get the idea, anyway now today I'm not even getting that, it's completely jumbled up nonsense? It is not limited to size of file eother, asking it to sort on download status in the traffic window also does not use to sort them into files on paused, queued, downloading completed etc now its all jumbled up.

    Any ideas please? And the rest of my computer works fine, i.e. a folder will sort all the files into filesize order.

    I can always uninstall it and reinstall, but thought I'd ask first.
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    as i recall resetting the kazaa registry key "ColumnWidths" will fix it.
    (somewhere in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kazaa\ depending on what version you have)


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