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Thread: Honda Accord

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    If anyone's interested this is the hash for the Honda Accord TV advert "When Things Work (The Cog)". This was based on the film "The way things go (Der Lauf der Dinge)" by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

    Length:2201646 Bytes,2150KB

    or you can get it from here
    Absolutely Andy - TV Adverts

    And if anyone wants more information on the original film try here at their website.
    The way things go (Der Lauf der Dinge)

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    hahaa... this is an amazing commercial.

    It took them 668 some odd takes or something like that... hours and hours and hours of shooting, and prework, according to the article i read, and it cost a small fortune.

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    money very well spent tho'


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