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Thread: Email Files

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    if files were to be emailed directly to a person that needed it, it would be faster right? I'm not saying to do that(thats not p2p) but it would work right?

    My connectioin is crap and i want splinter cell cd 3 (FLT-SC3.bin). kazaa can't find to many sources and it is 658.41mb . it takes forever

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    You find me a mailbox that will hold 700mb, and I'll find you enough SPAM to fill it.
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    That would clog up the email server holding it and still take a long time, i bet you at 99% done it would time out and you have to start over

    For 1:1 file trades try FTP or IRC or even AIM.

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    What was your email address again, not that I will,
    oh and I'll some other info as well...

    That's a new one, where?

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    AIM right at their network adapter.
    Over, no more, a little left.

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    hi there !
    you probably already know an email attachment of say 1mb will take about an hour to receive in your box. if your isp is anything like mine, they will bounce anything over 3mb.
    nice thought all the same !


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