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Thread: SababaDC - best p2p sofware today

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    SababaDC is dc++ mod and it rocks!
    very simple interface and every thing is automatics.
    it support multi source download, partial file sharing, kadmila,
    and you can download files at least in 200K/SEC all time.
    700M in only one hour ( 1.5M ) !

    support kadmilla network and direct connect hubs network.

    Home page :

    simple like kazaa and emule, but without all viruses and junk and more faster!

    SababaDC screen shot in action :

    see the power of this program.
    download 203M in 21 minutes!
    and the new beautiful GUI.

    SababaDC 0.674 - SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD
    This software product was tested in the Softpedia labs on: 11 March 2006
    Softpedia guarantees that SababaDC 0.674 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of

    malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

    some notes about it: must share at least 1 GB, but everyone does, so you can have many files, and a great speed.
    2.the more you share, the more files you find. takes some time to do the share process (it's called "indexing"), so be very patient.
    4.once it's done with the sharing process (you can see it using CTRL+W), you are totally ready to download.

    more usfull fetures :
    Very simple interface
    IE browser support
    Multi source support (segmented downloads)
    Partial file sharing
    Hide hub (all tabs) window with ctrl+4 (sidebar)
    Drop slower downloads you decide
    Insert your IP automatically every 30 minutes
    Automatic backup of queue.xml, favorites.xml and sababadc.xml every 30 minutes
    Shortcut keys for all commands
    One search window from menu or more (default one)
    New commands
    Close all hubs
    Close all personal messages
    Connect to all favorite hubs
    Close all hubs under 1000 users
    Close all search windows
    Add all open hubs to favorites
    Magnet links go to queue window or search window
    HTTP links from chat window will open in integrated browser
    /g ***** - search in google
    /a9 ***** - search in a9 (amazon)
    /imdb ****** - search in
    /e ****** - search in
    Select 35 hubs at once from public hubs window
    Kadmila support – download from SababaDC, RevConnect and ldc++ clients without needing to be in same hub
    See in the status bar the total number of users and total share in all hubs you are connected to
    All hub commands with middle click on mouse in window hubs (sidebar)
    Clock in status bar
    A count all users in your network in the status bar
    Hebrew and English setup

    try it, you will love it.
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    stfu BT Rep: +4
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    nothing special. PeerWebDC++ also supports multi source download, and it has better design..

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    @thread starter i hope u get kicked and banned from those hubs cause your a leecher

    do u even have that much ul to allow anyone to dl stuff off u ? 2 slots per hub means 44 slots open theres noway those people can get good speeds either
    Open your mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by CifrOoZ
    nothing special. PeerWebDC++ also supports multi source download, and it has better design..

    better design? PeerWebDC++ has old GUI, not friendly, and looks like taken from 1996.
    PeerWebDC++ support only 10 segmented per file .

    SababaDC support unlimited segmented per file.
    SababaDC GUI is 2006. you can hide hubs window , you can control all your hubs commands with only one click (middle mouse click ).

    just try before you write. that all.

    nortech today hubs owner wants at list 2-3 slot opens. that all. and no ban.

    Last edited by themaestro; 03-10-2006 at 03:55 PM.

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    Apr 2003
    i used to op at 2 hubs myself and ppl like u were kicked by me as theres noway anyone can get decent speeds off u and i do know what the dc++ network is
    Open your mind

  7. File Sharing   -   #6
    go to learn DC network and hub rules today.
    DC network change.

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    best p2p sofware today
    based on what? number of users.. number of files etc... ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    best p2p sofware today
    based on what? number of users.. number of files etc... ???

    users, lechers out!, files, speed, quality, sharing, community.
    all what "p2p" means there is in DC network,
    not like kazaa and emule.

    only the best.

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    DanB's Avatar Smoke weed everyday
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    Jun 2003
    London, so fuck y'all
    RevConnect ftw!!

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    I tried PeerWeb and RevConnect, and most hubs, including and all my favourite hubs kicked me saying they were banned clients and to use DC++ instead.... so I think I'll pass since this will only be added to that banned client list

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