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Thread: bittorrent vs utorrent

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    Hi guys, this is my first posting.
    I have been using bittorrent for quite a long time and still use one of the first versions.

    I have noticed now there is utorrent. My question is:
    Can I do with bittorrent everything one can do with utorrent?
    Can I also send files to my friends using bittorrent? How to do it? Where can I learn about it?Thanks

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    ghurka's Avatar Welsh Bhoy BT Rep: +5
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    There are many other bittorrent clients out there, not just utorrent. They all basically do the same thing but have a different interface and options. You cannot share files between your friends with these.

    I heard of this site recently which claims to have a P2P program which you can use in the way you want:

    Can't vouch for its effectiveness though as I haven't used it.

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    utorrent is the best BT client for using sod all resources

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    Mar 2006
    I use utorrent and i think its a solid bittorrent client.Low memory usage, good Gui and speeds.


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