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Thread: Whats The Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done?

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    Years ago we all piled up to Glastonbury for the music festival/major drinking session. On the Saturday night after spending what seemed like 24 hours of drinking we found we'd run out of beer, so drunk as we were we went in search of some more. As beer was so expensive on site we went further a field, finally ended up at a pub at the end of a long country road and continued where we'd left off. Last orders were finally called so we brought three crates of beer and headed back. Part way down the country lane Sara needed the loo and staggered off into the bushes for a leak. Back at the site the beer was soon flowing and by the end of the evening most of us had pasted out (some even in their own tents).

    The next morning Sara woke with a scream and was in a serious amount of pain. After finding out where the nearest hospital was we headed off with Sara curled up in the back of the van whimpering to herself. She was quickly admitted into A&E and we all waited in reception for her trying to fend of our throbbing hangovers. Nearly an hour pasted when she emerged, her face was bright red and she was walking a little strangely. Concerned we asked what had been wrong but she refused to tell us. Back in the van we badgered her to tell us what had happened which she finally did.

    The night before when she’d going into the bushes for a piss, she’d grabbed some leaves to wipe herself with. Unknown to her at the time (probably due to being drunk) she accidentally wiped herself with stinging nettles. If that wasn't bad enough she'd spend a quarter of hour naked from the waist down with her legs in stirrups being smeared in cream.

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    My bike has been stolen... 2 times... by the same person!!! (really happend&#33

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    It would have to be I clicked on that link that lead me here.

    And now I can't seem to get away from this place.Lord knows I have tryed and tryed and keep coming my family on-line.

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    FvKin GeniuS :D
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    my gun went of and shot my LEG It really hurt i was made fun of for a month
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    Originally posted by infamousalbo101@25 April 2003 - 17:46
    my gun went of and shot my LEG It really hurt i was made fun of for a month
    You would not happen to be from Kentucky would ya?

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    Originally posted by infamousalbo101@25 April 2003 - 08:46
    my gun went of and shot my LEG It really hurt i was made fun of for a month
    like in 8 mile?

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    Hmm...My friends and I stole a school vehicle and drove it around town and parked it so they knew we took it. Hmm got into my school a bunch of times did some stuff to piss of the teachers. Stole some cool signs almost got caught good thing i can run oh the list goes on but those are prob the stupiidest i have done

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    I took a breath... oops, there's another one... shit , I did it again... damn it.. I just keep doing it!!!!

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    About a week before the final day of senior year, a bunch of us in automotive shop thought it would be hilarious to disassemble the engine from Mr Walcom's ( football coach ) pride and joy....' 72 Cougar custom soft-top. Laid it all out for him in the assembly hall. Guy didn't see too much humor in it, little bit disappointed in our choice of projects, I guess !
    Three of us never got to graduate that year even though we put it all back together ( he said it never ran the same again )

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    I once went swimming with my dad and was about nine and couldn't swim well. I felt myself sinking so reach out desperately to what I thought was my dad, accidently I grabbed his shorts and pulled myself up. It was only when I got up that I realised it was some oap who started shaking from fright. What made it worse is, I started laughing, it didn't go well. :">

    (makes a change from all these: "oh, i err just shot myself with the gun i own", nothing unusual ......

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