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Thread: Good Site for Requesting Rlses?

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    Anyone knows any good trackers where you can request scenereleases? Have a couple of old dvdr's i'm searching for.

    Maybe a tip on any good sites with classic dvdr movies?

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    Most of the private sites have scene releases.

    At present on TL they have a selection of the IMDB alltime Top 250, hoping to get them all upped eventually.

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    ghurka: i know they have, but i want to be able to request other releases that might not exist in the 250list.
    basically i would like to request scenereleases somewhere..

    graemek: can't sign up, it's full.

    torrentdamage and bitsoup i know about. don't like bitsoup's req system though..
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    try torrentit or bitsoup for requests


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