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Thread: Best Cartoon Series Ever

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    The best show ever made was "family guy".....its so hilarious i rec you go donwload an episode and see for yourself

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    nah its clerks dumbass... 2 bad only 6 eps tho

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    Oct 2002
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    clerks is great, i have the dvd...

    but you cant be the simpsons... with south park at second....

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    Dont foget about Futurama

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    simpsons by far.
    flintstones #2
    king of the hill #3

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    Apr 2003
    1.The Simpsons
    2.South park
    4.2D TV

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    family guy IS the best... simpsons second, king of the hill third, futurama fourth, and south park fifth

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    Sep 2002
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    Dragon Ball Z [276 episodes]
    X-Men (original Fox series, NOT evolutions) [76 episodes]

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    i dont see how any one can say simpsons isnt number 1. i know it sounds outrageous for me to think that way, as we all have the right to our own opinions. lets look at the facts..

    1. Longest current running tv sieries... easily longest running cartoon ever, no syndicated of course.
    2. Still wins it time slot hands down usually, after 13 years.
    3. Still, after 13 years, is just as original, satyricle (sp?), and humorus as ever.
    4. Has never sold out, besides for butterfinger. lol
    5. Tremendously successfull toy line.

    Personaly, i think its in a league of its own... i mean, its up there with the greatest tv shows of all time, period, let alone cartoons.

    Rat... imho... xmen, the original was the greatest action/superhero, oriented cartoon ever... love that, can still repeats to this day, and never get sick of it.

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    1. Simpsons
    2. Futurama (kind of like the Simpson's evolved, but will always be a pretender to the throne)
    3. South Park

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