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Thread: Geforce4 Or Fx?

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    At bestbuy I saw a Geforce FX5200 for 100 bucks! 128mb B)
    but on the other hand I say a Geforce 4 MX440-SE for 80 bucks 128mb B)

    But the question is which one should I get?

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    Nov 2002
    Go for the Geforce FX5200. An extra $20.00 ain't going to kill you. It is probably a bit better than the MX440 series.

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    ok Ill check it out thanks.

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    Dec 2002
    i got a new comp last year, and a geforce 2 card came w/ it. i think i got ripped

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    Feb 2003
    California, U.S.A.
    Any geforce card that says MX is a damn piece of shit. Duh go with the FX.

    The geforce 4 mx series are modified geforce 2. That is th truth so there shittier than geforce 3. Remember never let the name confuse you.

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    Dec 2002
    Your opininon people'z. What would be better, the cheapest-newest card (just to say have cutting edge tech in your box), or just as cheap-proven (under 9-12 months old. you can read whats being said "now", what problems it has with different "types" or games/app)?

    IMO (if anyone was wondering ), option 2(me and my Radeon 9kPro w/128mb)....but the FX is 8xAGP If your buying the FX get the 128mb ver. If you don't have enough money...steal some, don't chump-out and get 64' would be a waste.

    Ninja has it right, screw MX

    BTW Wolf, you should see what these guys have to say about the FX...remember SCREW MX!

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    The FX card would definetely get put in my shopping cart if I had to choose from the two. B)

    I believe the Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB series runs better though. Currently using that card. B)
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    the geforce fx 5200 is basically as good as the mx440. i bought the fx 5200
    and it was ok but nothing special. the TI series kicks the low end FXs ass.
    i returned the FX 5200 because it was having problems with the game i play.
    some textures woukld take up to a minute to load in a game. i didnt have
    that problem with my geforce2 mx400! my fx5200 128ddr scored a 6947
    on 3dmark01. i returned it adn got the geforce ti4200 128ddr 8x agp and
    this thing kicks ass. my score went all the way to a 10,023. you can buy
    a ti4200 for about 135-140 out here so its not much more expensive. the
    5200 is basically suppossed to replace the mx series. fx ultra series are
    the cards that will kick ass. so the fx 5200 is an ok card im sure but dont
    let the FX label fool you. they are just giving something out there for the ppl
    that dog the mx series. and using the FX label to sell it. dont get me wrong
    the fx5200 is a good card for 100 dollars. but dont be fooled into thinking
    its top of the line because of the fx name. its low end just like all cards under
    100 dollars.

    hear others opinion about the fx5200 here

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    Oct 2002
    MI, USA
    its way better then a mx card.

    1. its directx 9 compatible, the mx arent even dirext 8 compatible.
    2. benchmarks are also much high for the 5200

    the 5200 is ment as a budget directx9 card, for the masses... as nvidia took so much heat for the mx not bing directx8 compatible.

    btw... if you want something to compete with the ti4200, look into the fx 5600...

    but a radeon 9600, and 9500 are better then all those, for mid range cards...

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    its way better then a mx card.

    1. its directx 9 compatible, the mx arent even dirext 8 compatible.
    2. benchmarks are also much high for the 5200
    do your research. the card is made direct x 9 compatable but it isnt fast anough of a card to run the new direct x 9 games that will come out. trust me i bought the card and did the research. if you dont believe me put the fx5200 through 3dmark2003 tests. i bet you wont score over 2000 lol. i am told by techies at
    PC stores (not bestbuy salesppl) that its nvidias replacement for the mx series.
    its a tiny bit better than the geforce4 mx440. i repeat do some research.

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