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Thread: Bout The Plexwriter

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    Mar 2003
    Hey is the plexwriter the best CD-RW around or is there something in the market which is better than this good gadget?

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    Jun 2002
    It's very good.

    But it's relatively expensive compared to other brands like Lite-On. Differences in quality/support are very small between the different brands.

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    Nov 2002
    I got a Plextor CDRW device. It is nice and reliable. Supports all sorts of things like DEEP burning (extra hot laser), over burning, etc... It can burn "weak sectors", needed to copy those copy-protected CDs. Never had a burning error, unless it was my own stupid fault. Works with every type and brand of blank CDRs I have tried.

    I have worn out, or used a LiteOn CD burner until it broke. It lasted less than a year. I couldn't copy many PSX games with it either. Had many errors on burning CDs, most were NOT my stupid own fault. Very picky on what brand of blank CDR/W I used.

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    Mar 2003
    Ottawa, Canada
    I just bought it over 2 months ago and it one of the best burners I've used. The other burners I tried used to take 5 -7 minutes to burn 700megs when burning something directly from my HD. My new one does it in around 80-90 secs. I think this is well worth it the extra $$$. From the reviews I've read it's one of the faster ones when burning from HD to cd but it seems to be a little slower then others when burning from CD to CD.

    Just my own opinion,



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