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Thread: Will i get caught?

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    I was downloading a song using emule, and i noticed that the download speed was abnormally fast. After i opened the file it said: MP3 Music: Licence Acquisition. I was just wondering is there any way that will lead to me being caught? Is there something to worry about or should i not pay any attention to it?

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    erRor67's Avatar Lord Of Everything
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    Probably not. Most likely it was a DRM protected music. I would recommend running PeerGuardian as it helps block the "bad guys"
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    is it a .wma file?

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    I once got a notice form my service provider cause i was downloading some movie that was recently released (i forgot the name)

    Usually they don't care what you download as long as its not recent and the authors/developers/publishers aren't on the prowl. You should be fine

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    It was probably just a popular file. Some times on Emule you are able to download files very quickly.

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    take proper precautions....

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    use peer guardian, it works wonders.

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    Yes you will...

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    you can but it is very hard for you to get caught

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