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Thread: GrabIt 1.6.1 ▀eta (build 936) released

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    [news=]GrabIt, one of the easiest binary Usenet downloader in the world. With GrabIt you can search and download MP3 files, pictures, movies, software, games and more on USENET news servers, without downloading gigabytes if headers. The program features NZB file support, automatic batch downloading of multiple binaries at once, advanced error checking, filter options, multiple server support and more. You can also choose to save the downloaded files with a custom prefix and resume broken downloads. It can even shut down your computer for you when all downloads are completed. All features are controlled from an easy and intuitive interface.

    This release is what 1.6.0 should have been. Here is a list of changes since build 1.6.0:

    * The download thread checkboxes are back with a vengeance (32 of them!);
    * A new option in the configuration screen makes it possible to choose if GrabIt needs to change groups before downloading articles (makes it possible to download articles from groups that are not on your server);
    * Fixed the problem that would freeze the batch tab after trying to remove a column;
    * Increased the maximum amount of browseable days to 30;
    * Fixed the progress bar for group updates;
    * Fixed the download speed graph so it no longer drops to 0KB/s and then jumps to twice the actual download speed on slow connections;
    * Fixed the missing files bug;
    * Changed some of the fonts to true type fonts to help people with irregular font settings;
    * Fixed the flickering in the batch tab while the batch was paused;
    * Maximum amount of connections in the server properties can now be set to 0.

    Download Link:[/news]
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    Hope this release is better than the 1.6.0... That one had some weird stop errors, and sent a exit command at the stop error. It was odd, to say the least.

    Edit: So far it's pretty good. No errors in 3GB, so it seems pretty stable.
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