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Thread: Eac Need Help With This

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    okay ive followed the step by step guide that was made here on kazaa for using EAC and LAME i ripp all my music and it all converted to MP3 fine okay i go to play them with wmp and guess what???? it plays blank nothing happens what the hell do i do??? what else could I use some people have mention WMP converts wav to mp3 how do u do it?? i cant work it out!!!

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    I use EAC/Lame too, it works for me.
    Sounds like you got something wrong on the setup or so, dunno.

    Sometimes EAC wont read my cd's right, then i use Steinberg's WaveLab 4 app.

    Whatever you do i suggest you dont use WindowMediaPlayer cuz it sucks.
    WM-player likes to make em' wma files and there is all sorta hassle with copyrights too, i tried it once and didn't like it.

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