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Thread: how to get invites from sites?

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    hey there. i was wondering how u get invites from all the oprivate sites? do u have to request them from the moderators or something?

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    it depends on the rules of the site.

    some automatically allocate invites when you join (new trackers that want to grow eg scenelinks, zeroleech), some give them out when you become a power user or whatever it's called on the site (oink for example) and some have disabled invites entirely and are a closed community (sct).

    i'm not sure how people get to join the likes of the last one mentioned. maybe it's at the moderators or sysops discretion.

    your best bet is to be a good member at any sites you've joined and the invites should follow in time.
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    Read the FAQs at the trackers.
    It's all there.

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    Usually when you become a power user with stats 25gb+ uploaded and a ratio of 1.05 they give invites.
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    ah upload if you can


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