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Thread: Quick Irc Question

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    I am a long time kazaa user but I recently took interest in the postings you guys put up about irc. I have downloaded the program and can connect and I am still getting used to the commands. I know you irc users get this question a lot and I dont mean to annoy anyone, but does anyone have any good tips on what server and channel I could go to that has movies. All the ones I go to are about fun chat, or general chat and stuff like that. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! Joebee

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    Look on the

    There are movies (and other stuff) listed there with servers and rooms to connect to.

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    Will do.....thanks for the info and not getting pissed!!!! B)

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    IRC is not an easy program to learn. The commands are a little weird at first, but once you get used to it... well, its easy. I use this server for my mp3s..


    then join #mp3albums

    Lots of full CDs stuff for you to download.
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