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Thread: Diablo 2 Full Game Download

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    Apr 2003
    I heard emule has it. Is that true? Thanks in advance! I searched for a while on kazaa and it doesn't have a copy. Also I have no clue on how a hash works so please dont give me one unless you tell me how to use one. Thanks in advance again!

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    hi every one i want the full game of diablo 2 pleas helpme

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    Dec 2003
    1. Dont use Kazza to download anything, emule isnt the greatest either.

    3. You need to use Bittorrent, the best method to acquire anything.

    2. Diablo 2 is available all over the net, it isnt at all "rare", so I dont see how you "heard" that it was around. After you read this, then search around the site for some public torrent sites, and search for Diablo 2.

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    hey noobies, diablo 2 cannot be downloaded and played online, a serial key of your own that isnt in use anywhere else can only be used to play online, if you want to play single player, than it will work. but thats just lame. im a hardcore d2 player so if you ever consider actually buying it, talk to me...
    also has a deal where you can buy the d2 battle chest for 25...look into that


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