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Thread: Best high-def (HD) tracker?

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    I like HDbits. You?

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    well, they are not so many, I known bit-hdtv, HDbits and hdtvtorrents

    HDbits are the best for me

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    in my order:

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    I hate, yes hdbits seem they have more HD stuff than any other tracker but the HD Sources from that tracker are not always HD. Especially sources they got sources from SILU.ORG, I downloaded The silence of the lambs 12GB from them and I surprise that it recorded from DVD-Player, and the H264 sources from Silu also has many bugs for example, The girl next door, as for me, only HD sources from THOR is good.

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    bit-hdtv (open sign ups)

    I'm not a member on hdbits. I was looking for an invite for this site.

    Like a most of you I don't know other sites.

    sharing is great.

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    i am looking for invites for hdtvtorrents , bit-hdtv & hdbits

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    no invites here. theres an invites section for that.

    im a member of hdtv-torrents, i dont know why though.
    i dont even have an hd ready tv.
    my account sits idle. i check it every now and then though, and its steadily growing. i guess these sites will become very popular in the near future, as more and more ppl switch to hdtv.

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    iplay is the best.


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