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Thread: hello I am new to this site

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    please help with any info i was using Imesh until they changed it to where I cant burn like I want or save like I want or even find the song or movie--so is the place any better?
    and safe?

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    Safest downloading is through newsgroups. Take a look in our Newsgroup sections for info.

    Next safest would be torrents on private trackers and you can find plenty of information/help in our BT section.

    IRC is also a good and quite safe source if you have the inclination to learn a bit about it. You also need a reliable (not dropping) connection to make real use of it. Look for the Advanced IRC Leeching thread around here someplace...
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    Skiz's Avatar (_8(I)
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    Yep, take a stroll through the guides and tutorials. Lots of info there.

    Welcome to FST!

    The FST group

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    i m new

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    I find the easiest way is torrents. Newsgroups can be restricted by your ISP so you may have to pay for a service. IRC is ok but has been around a lot longer than torrents and no where near as quick.

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    Welcome to this place. Feel free to share with us.

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    Torrents are teh best and fast as long as there are plenty of seeders & leechers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercy1 View Post
    Welcome to this place. Feel free to share with us.

    Yes, you too mercy1

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    limesqueezer's Avatar kwasheni rejtash
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    near border
    safest would be some private servers

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    i agree with chewie


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