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Thread: Any Such Program?

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    Is there any such programs to edit videos to like delete or add scenes. Or maybe make my own movies or slide shows, any suggestions will help thanks.

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    i use intervideo winproducer
    well, i have it, never used it, but it's supposed to be ok

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    IF you are with Win XP then look in start menu programs accessories win movie maker

    or go to and serch for vidio editing programs when found a good one just use kazaa

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    I have adobe premiere, you can do it with that.
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    I had same problem would not fit on dvd+r with extras.Download dvd2one from klite.But u still have to rip
    to take out the copywrite.Then i use smartripper then dvd2one then burn with nero burning rom .Works great.

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    I use Pinnacle Studio 7. It's easy to use and edit your own home movies using a storyboard format. You can easily add titles, audio and scene transitions. Much easier to use than Adobe Premier for a starter if you can live with the limitations.


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