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Thread: 3rd rock from the sun

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been looking to download the full 6 seasons of third rock from the sun for quite a while now, but am having trouble. I have a few torrents, but they are dreadfully slow.

    If anyone has any of the seasons on their computers, I may be willing to pay if you can mail them by CD or perhaps upload them to an FTP server, or trade directly.

    PM me if you can help.


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    cant you just rent the DVDs? and copy them.

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    Well man,
    first of all, if you go to and type '3rd rock',
    you'll find a torrent for the complete series.
    I actually dld the complete series from there.

    But if you already knew about this one,
    then I guess I could go and send it to you.

    Im from mexico,
    where are you from?


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