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Thread: i need an invite to bitemetv and/or a good movie site (ive included proof for ratios)

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    would like an invite to bitemetv please, need an invite to a good tv site for once

    id also like a invite to a site that has a great selection of movies like xbiots and x264 has, but x274 never works for me anymore, i always get a server retrying message when trying to access the site, when the site is working it says under construction when i try to login all the time too

    so i also need a good movie site, prefferably not a site that mainly just has dvdr's. im not really a fan of dvdrs , like xvids and vcds etc though. so does anyone wanna help me out?

    my email is oxygenuk@ if anyone is feeling generous

    heres proof of a good ratio on 1 site im a member too and active the most in, can provide more screenshots of other trackers if required


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    i can invite you to tvjunkies if you still want

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    someone already invited me to tvjunkies, but thanks

    still intrested in bitmetv etc though

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxygenuk View Post
    someone already invited me to tvjunkies, but thanks

    still intrested in bitmetv etc though
    My name is Zafer. Not someone.

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    Yeah lol!!!! Apparently all the generous ones are just someone!!!

    But i wouldnt mind an invite to bitmetv!!
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