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Thread: Riaa, Mpaa, All These Lot

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    On Peerguardian how do we no that these are the aree the real IP;s
    and btw who da hell are BayTSP PG Blocked that today are they for movies or music?

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    Interesting question, though don't expect an accurate answer here. No one really knows the true identity of the RIAA/MPAA people. PG does a great job at blocking some IPs, but I feel this is causing more harm than good in the filesharing community.
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    Yes, the RIAA/MPAA aren't stupid enough to use their own publicly known IP addresses.

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    Media Defender, MediaForce, and some other organizations ARE however on large ip ranges and they ARE doing the dirty work for RIAA/MPAA/BSA.

    Only problem is there's a mixup or 2 about what ip ranges these companies are using... and Peer Guardian may in fact be blocking the wrong ones!


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