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Thread: Fairlight Sharereactor

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    could someone please explain to me how to unpack/burn/whatever a file that's something like this (filename).Fairlight.ShareReactor


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    Give more information, 'cause sharereactor is a website ( and fairlight is a release group. So those are of little use. You should look for 3-letter words, usually at the end, like .bin, .cue, .iso, .zip, .ace, etc. etc... Otherwise just paste the whole filename in here and someone will help you out. B)

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    Medieval Total War CD1.exe

    for bins is the cue file included or do i have to d/l it seperately...

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    hi there !
    i'm not familiar with the two files your talking about, but over 90% of all files from K++ are opened/unzipped by WinRAR and or WinACE extracter. make sure you have them at your disposal.

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    for the .bin.exe file delete the exe from the end of it and burn it onto a cd as a bin file. Cue files can either be downloaded or you can create your own with the following helpful tip by Solex,and,make

    The other exe file I don't know, try searching for it on kazaa lite and look at the description people have included with it. Someone has probably written what needs to be done. (I'm assuming that the file won't run like a normal executable)


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