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Thread: Bitme and BitmeTV account

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    Can we access BitmeTV with a Bitme account?

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    2 different trackers

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    Apparently if you have 25gb uploaded or something on bitme you can PM mods for Bitmetv and vice versa but i am not sure.
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    lol, i don't think so

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    gamer4eva - u're right.
    U can ask from the mods in the forum for an invite.

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    Thank's all for the infos

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    i did not know that.. about asking mods.. thats good... ill try it

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    They are two different monsters.

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    lol.... monsters =P

    If u have bitme, there is a bitmetv invite thread in their forums. It didn't say any requirements, but I posted a message there, and got invited within the hour.
    (i had 25gb uploaded tho)

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    Definitely not.

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