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Thread: What's the best tracker for children's movies and TV shows?

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    I've downloaded some Bob the Builder and Wiggles stuff for my son off public trackers like isohunt, but the selection is small and much of the stuff is unseeded. Are there any private trackers where I can find more?

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    try Myspleen or boxtorrents

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    n00brific :) BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    Thank you all!

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    fsc has The Kids Club - different kids sfuff

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    you can't go past bitmetv for anything like that, provided you have a friend with an invite to the site.

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    Childbytes seems to be down at the moment. Does anyone know what sort of torrents it had when up or if it had many torrents on there?
    Got lots of Baby Einstein's off Demonoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOLesija View Post
    fsc has The Kids Club - different kids sfuff
    wasnt even aware of the kids club, thanks for the tip. should look better in the future

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    wb has a category for kidz too

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