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Thread: Brand New Unheard Before Material!

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    I have been producing and writing my own music for 6 years.

    All my tracks have been copyrighted, but that's to stop people stealing my ideas in their own music, not to stop people downloading it!

    If you like Funky House, Drum'n'Bass or Underground Garage, then check out my stuff, I've not heard bad things about it yet, and I'm proud!

    Please download it and share it, all i ask is that you don't change the filenames, because then, I might have people who like the track visit my site, then who knows what next?!.....

    My Username to search for is: DJBreakz@KaZaA

    Hope the interested people like the tracks!! Help me get my name about in 'our favourite community' - Kazaa!!!

    Thanks Peeps!

    Click here to visit my site if you like!

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    nice site but why so small. Is there some thing hidden in the small print we should know about buggerd if i could see it.

    Good luck to you. But why so shy screem it out. HERE I AM!!!!

    good luck

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    Hi mate! Thanks!

    I'm really busy with work and stuff at the moment, so the website is coming along slowly. I send CDs out weekly though to companies, clubs, djs etc.... so here's hoping.

    The site is not fully up at the mo by the way, but you can listen to all my tracks on it, as well as some mix sets, and if you like any of them, look for me in kazaa (DJBreakz@KaZaA) and you will see them all ready for download at cd quality!

    Hope you'll enjoy!

    Cheers again mate!

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    3 more tracks added today... Mash ups I've put together...

    'Work It Beautiful'
    contains: 'Work It' MISSY ELLIOTT and 'Beautiful' SNOOP DOGG

    '5 On It In Da Club'
    contains: 'I Got 5 On It' LUNIZ and 'In Da Club' 50 CENTS

    'Remember The Thrill'
    contains: 'Remember The Time' MICHAEL JACKSON and 'Thill Me' JUNIOR JACK

    Let me know what ya'll think!

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    1. I do not think yor are supposed to promote here.
    2. I don't believe you can search by user name, as they are not unique.
    3. Edit the files from "My KaZaa Lite" tab and add your title under "Artist", they can be searched easily that way.
    4. Good Luck


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