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Thread: Bypass Surf Control!!!

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    Dammit I think they updated surf control because I used to go on any sites using "" now its been blocked! I was on it couple days ago, so I guess that update was recently. Anyone knows any other sites to bypass? Thanks!

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    The reason its there, is so you dont......
    (doesnt stop me!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Global Jihad View Post
    The reason its there, is so you dont......
    (doesnt stop me!) Can I get another answer that makes sense?

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    Google search circumventor.

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    Im assuming surf control is web filtering? Blocking you from visiting certain websites? Well, just use proxies...
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    Try throwing in a knoppix live cd
    I miss the days of random nut '03
    Click for more activation options, then activate by telephone. Run the keygen.
    if I call them, aren't they going to get me? (you know, down there)

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    our surf control is updated like every 3 days or something so i need continuos ways to get past it. its impossible.

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    New service realised

    You do not need to search for working free web proxies. All is here.
    Find free web proxy for desired country!
    All proxies are regulary checked if they still alive.

    enjoy them!

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