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Thread: 455 žucking Hackers

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    I found on kazaalite download accelerator plus v 6.3,i know that is not possibile because a 6.3 version doesn't exist ,kazaa found 455 users with download accelerator PLUS 6.3,and i start to download this .After 20 sec. norton put a virus in quarantine.Can you imagine ,455 žucking hackers,all with the same item.žUKING HACKERS DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIEDIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE

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    Take a deep breath and calm down there guy. B)
    There's nothing we can do about it!
    I hate it to.
    If you tell them most will just blow you right off.
    Some are the people who are trying to spread it but 95% or higher is'nt.
    Be glad in the fact norton catches it.
    I think the freakin' RIAA is doing some of it!

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    This may be old hat to some, but I found the following story in Reuters on this subject pretty interesting, at least adding some credit to ShockAndAwe's conspiracy theory

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    they think they're so smart! Where's that blacklist of RIAA IP's at? I'm sure that we could have some sort of fun with that.


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