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Thread: Invalid Cd Homeworld Problem

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    I downloaded homeworld 1 (yes, the old 1999 original game) from eMule. The file -homeworld.( seems to be correct: I mount the file, install it, but when it's time to play it displas a tiny, nice & endlessly cute dialog box saying "invalid or missing homeworld CD. please insert valid CD".

    I've read a similar post about homeworld 2, where the solution was DL a no cd patch in game copy world, but the link appears to be broken.

    HELP!! Anyone? I'm quite clueless about these topics, any thrace of help would be completly appreciated.


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    Try megagames site. They might have a no cd patch. If, not, you are out of luck, because gamecopy world and megagames are the only sites i trust for no cd patches.

    You can also go to ebgames, and if they are selling budget pc games on the rack, maybe you can find homeworld.

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    Yeah I just checked GameCopyWorld, and theres many No-Cd patches for whatever version you might have. Hope it works, this is a very old but still a great game to play.
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    i got it
    the thing was like this, the orginal game had an issue where you had to update to v 1.05 to solve the problem. I just downloaded de file from relic's official site and everything's right now

    thanx again. and yes, it's an old but FUN *though to beat* game

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