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Thread: Cnet Newsletter

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    May 6, 2003
    Vol. 8, No. 18

    P2P shenanigans

    Last week, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit by the RIAA and
    MPAA against Grokster and Morpheus. The judge concluded that
    though the technologies could be used for copyright
    infringement, they are legally neutral because they can also be
    used for legal file trading. So nobody is going to break down
    your door just for having a P2P client installed on your
    computer. However, according to news reports, the major labels
    might have other tricks up their sleeves, including Trojan
    horses that may shut down your computer, slow down your
    Internet connection, or cause other damage. File sharers,

    I have noticed my 56k connection slower..Anyone else???

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    Mar 2003
    Jersey City, N.J.
    my connection is fine

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    Feb 2003
    I don't think that they can do things to mess with your pc. they don't have the rights to fuck up my pc.

  5. File Sharing   -   #4
    just get norton antivirus and set it to auto update thatway if they do put trojan horses viruses or worms on the network you wont get any of them


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