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Thread: Cable on pc??

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    I'm in the uk with an ntl 10mbps connection, the area I live in can only get analogue cable tv as the digital stuff hasn't been added to the exchange yet. What I'm wondering is if i put a coaxial splitter in the coaxial cable before it gets to my modem and run teh second line into my tv card will it be able to tune in and pick up anything from the cable channels? Also no I don't have a cable tv account.

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    How would you be able to pick up cable w/o a cable account??

    Perhaps it's different in the UK.

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    It's kinda my main point? my card does have a cable tuner that picks up some stuff but I don't know if they have full filters on the lines here or if you just need the right equipment for them.

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    The best way to find out is to disconnect it from your modem and try it on your tuner card.

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    You MAY be able to pick up a few of the freeview channels on the old analogue network, until the shut off in you area occurs

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    I think I read somewhere that that would work. Try it out.

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    Just a thought when looking at my cable line. It looks to my likes its ct100 coaxial, the same kinda stuff that sky use for their boxes. This has a screw connection instead of a normal male/female coaxial, but my tv card only has the old male/female type, any ideas if it would still be ok if i just got an adapter or is the signal going to be alll fecked when it gets to my card?

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    I got lucky with free cable for a very long time. The town I live in has its own stupid cable channel with news about whats happening that the cable company's had to provide, so just by hooking up a box I got all the channels free...

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    it works for me, Just tried it out last night- get a spliter and connect one side to the modem, then I think you can get a converter from the screw connection to the male/female so you can connect to the tv card. I would just get the converter for now and try plugging into the tv card and seeing if your service works that way.
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