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Thread: Mage Knight Apocalypse

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    Official site.

    Been playing this for a couple of days now,it's not bad bit like Dungeon seige.
    I like the different characters,I'm playing a Dwarf,I get to use guns and explosives,what more can you ask.
    Worth a look if you like RPG's

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    can I curse? FUCK!
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    May 2003
    I've been playing this game. Mage is a pain. You have to cast the shield spells alot of times just to get the AOE spells, jesus christ.

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    I had to quit 10 minutes into it. If a game can't grab me within 10 minutes then it's history.

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    djenin's Avatar Fuzakenaideyo! BT Rep: +2
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    Sep 2006
    Same here, although I played for a little while longer just to see if it would improve later on, but it really seems to me just another mediocre hack & slash. I'm waiting for NWN2 for a real RPG.


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