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Thread: Agggghhhh......newshosting again!

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    Jun 2003
    56 again folks,

    And yet another newshoting issue; im in the uk, 10meg cable connection. For a while now ive been getting really lame speeds in the weekday evenings. (different issue to this one )

    I originally put it down to NTL limitting me on downloads but this eve, after downloading nothing all day I got a little over 100k a second just now (usually 1000+).

    So I decided to try changing my servers from newshosting to the NTL ones.

    Speeds just about back to normal.

    So, I change back to newshoting and try all the different ports they say to but still crappy speeds.

    I know I should email tech support but I had such a nitemare resetting my password last time I thought I would try you guys first.

    And yes, I know I should probably go to giganews but its twice the price.



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    Try checking your exchange to see if it is overloaded. Mine is at the minute so during peak times i sometimes download slower than normal.

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    Not having any issues over here, anyone try out the new NHXL plan (I guess its their highest retention plan) newshosting is offering? apparently you get a free T-shirt when you sign up


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