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Thread: looking for bitme (Not - have demonoid, learnbits and bitspyder

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    n00b BT Rep: +1
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    Aug 2006

    I have demonoids, learnbits and bitspyder invites. Looking for bitme invites.

    All have ratios over 1.85 (uploaded of 13 GB minimum).

    BTW, what is Sct tracker? Can anyone explain?

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    Aug 2006
    its a scene tracker. It means they post from release groups (the original rippers or cappers). IMHO torrentleech is the best bt site for scene releases atm. If your still looking for a bitme, pm me on learnbits. I'm 360 there aswell. I need to verify your stats there. BTW, once your a PW on bitme or bitmetv, all other invites are easy to obtain, even S*T, free without trade.


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