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Thread: Nude Raider

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    Have you seen this game?

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    i heard it was a fake and never existed
    however, i also heard there was a cheat to enable it in the game, so i'm not sure

    for anyone who doesn't know what this is about, there was a rumoured version of the game tomb raider, in which the star (lara croft) was naked

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    No, but I would like to

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    It's just tomb raider where the character has a different skin (a naked skin) - Lame.

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    Omg "Lora Croft"? Those guys don't even know the name right. Btw, this looks like one of those corny porn ads. No way ish there a game like this. Who would put a rl lady in the front of their game box sets anyways??

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    for the perverts who wants this goto and download it there....and yes its toomb raider 2 with a nude skin (only 30mb though!&#33

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    tomb raider 2 with nude skin! jeez, how lame!

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    may be but she is in the Nude Raider porn no movie


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