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Thread: fake British univerity certificate?

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    Anywhere know where i can get one? asap! Long me!

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    GepperRankins's Avatar we want your oil!
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    does it begin with "i" and end with "lied on my CV" ?

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    he just doesn't want to be the next burger king wonderboy like you dave.

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    no, it has something to do with a visa problem i'm having, nothing to do with work, but yes, i lied on my original application, and now they want to see a copy of it, or i get quite serious!

    Any advice? I'm in China!

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    and when i say was, what i thought, a white lie, kinda like telling your g/f her arse doesnt look big in those pants...

    So come on, help me out! Or i'll have to spend 5 days in a Chinese jail, which can't be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo12345 View Post
    Any advice? I'm in China!
    Take a trip to Hong Kong, they have some amazing fountains at the top of the funicular railway.

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    and if you get caught with the fake British univerity certificate its...goodnight peeking.
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    ahhh...but i didnt! All is sorted is in my passport

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    "univerity" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234 View Post
    "univerity" ?

    He's too Kool for Skool....or too poor to go.

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