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Thread: Funniest/most Disturbing Website

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    Happy Tree Friends is likely the cutest/funniest/most disturbing website altogether!

    I am warning people who get sick easily... for um... well lets just say you were warned...

    Oh and to let you know... its not p0rnish, its not disturbing in that way...

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    I have seen those before and itīs cartoon with blood and stuff but I dont think itīs disturbing at all.

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    if u think thats disturbing, Newgrounds will blow your mind
    hahaha not for big babies

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    well some people might find it disturbing... cute little animals being horribley mauled and all

    i found a better site for htf, since all the episodes are on it


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    for some pretty sick pics and movie clips either

    fuck Derby County

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    Originally posted by Gandalf on Crack@11 May 2003 - 21:37
    If you are stupid click here...only warning.
    that link does nothing.......

    *damn, must be stupid*

    EDIT to add: does it have pop ups? i got a blocker if it was that one which has hundereds of em?
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    if you want really disturbing.....check out


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