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Thread: Iso Battlefield 1942 Probloem

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    I've downloaded the verified iso versions of cd1 and cd2 of battlefield 1942. I downloaded Isobuster to see what is in them. I searched the site to find that I neaded to try to write the file as an image to cd. I tried that, but the cd1 file size is 714mb, bigger than my cd. I looked through the file to see if there were any extra install files like directx, etc. but there were none.

    Any ideas on what I can do?



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    You should be able to burn 714 mb to a 700 mb cd. Its called over burning. If not you should be able to install the game from your hard drive. Just extract the files to a folder and choose the install button.

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    hi there !
    for oversized files i use 90 minute CD-R and burn in Nero 5.5.
    a disk this size does'nt even need overburn to do the job.


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