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Thread: Best Broadband Company?

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    im from the uk , and im currently on aol broadband , but you still have to sign on the intenet inlike other companies, so does anyone know which campny is overall the best(speed being the key issue)


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    North East England, UK
    check this out

    it features everything about UK ADSL...personally Im on Plus net the 21.99 option. had no worries at all so far. Be carefull of the cheaper one with Plusnet, if you were thinking about it, cos it doesnt allow kazaa...blocks some ports.

    BTW: if you do decide to go with them, please PM me first.

    Edit: BTW: where should this be? its not software/hardware/book/music/movie/about this website

    maybe the lounge?
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    Penal Island
    nlt:home is quite good. Only 17.99 a month for 128k and 25 for a modem. There are other &#39;speeds&#39; as well.
    Just visit ntl:home under the broadband section to find out more.
    Hope this has helped you in your decision,
    Penis Monkey

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    Another one for NTL here... they&#39;ve just given me 1 months broadband free

    Remember that not all broadband suppliers my be available where you live.

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    I&#39;m with bt openworld broadband(29.99)

    Iknow there are cheaper out there,but i find it to be very good.

    my max speed when downloading off kazaa i&#39;ve had is 60kbs-65kbs

    most of the time its 50kbs

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    I have NEVER had 1 problem with them and I d/l 24/7

    ~-- patience just takes practice --~

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    Apr 2003
    England, UK
    im with BT broadband 576k (29.99/month)

    its cool and fast

    never have problems

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    NTL 1mb 34.99 its a must have, they say they&#39;ve limited downloading limit but they havent&#33;

    I love it and recommend you to get it.

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    Apr 2003
    i use bell sympatico dsl and usually get speeds of 112 kb on a good day.

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    For Me Too.

    No Problems............ EVER.



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